Metals and Mining Industry

The metals and mining industry provide important products and materials that support the economy with diverse applications that are used in other industries. Metals processing impacts our agriculture, chemical, and critical infrastructure. Middough’s experience in the metals and mining industry help our clients make critical decisions that lead to innovative engineering solutions to make facilities, processing, and production more efficient to minimize waste, costs, and energy.

Solutions for the Metals and Mining Industry

Our multi-disciplined engineering staff provides complete facility and installation design, as well as planning, equipment specifications, procurement, estimating, cost control, commissioning, construction management and project management services. These capabilities are based on significant experience and the education of our staff, as well as our organizational ability to meet the required goals of our clients.

By applying innovative technologies and solutions, we find cost effective solutions to your projects and production issues from conceptual design, through start-up, operation, and maintenance.

Middough’s Experience

Middough has continuously provided professional services to the Metals and Mining Industry since Bill Middough founded the company in 1950. Since then, we have gained valuable experience in all areas within the metals industry (ferrous and non-ferrous). Our technical strength allows us to take on your most challenging and more complicated metals and mining industry projects. 

What sets Middough apart is our talented staff and breadth of services offered that allow us to take on any project at any stage, customize our services and help you meet the goal of your project for any steel mill, processing facility, metals production or finishing, and any other manufacturing challenge you need a solution for.


Raw Material Handling

Creating durable and efficient material handling systems is key to cost effective production for any type of process. Middough’s ability to design material handling systems for receiving, material transfer, stock houses, weigh bins, and scales provides clients with value through the durability and safety of the equipment.

Cokemaking and Ironmaking

Since Middough’s inception, we have held patents on cokemaking technology and trademark designs in traditional and alternative ironmaking. When it comes to blast furnace ironmaking, Middough is a one stop shop for design solutions. Our engineers specialize in hearth, bosh and stack refractory layouts, stave and intensified cooling systems, shell design/repairs, cast house design, off-gas systems and hot blast system design to name a few. Coupled with our many years of process and operations experience, Middough has tirelessly served the ironmaking industry since 1950.


With resident expertise in both Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) and Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking technologies, Middough has developed fully functional melt shops as well as repairs and alternative solutions to charging systems, vessels, rocker platforms, water cooled hoods, and down comers. Middough has grown with the ever-developing steelmaking technologies and has teamed up with equipment suppliers from around the world to build state-of-the art steelmaking facilities in North America. 

Secondary Refining

Through finite element analysis (FEA) and traditional engineering means, Middough has become an industry leader in steel ladle technology and has developed technical solutions that are published with the Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST). From Ladles to the AOD, through the Degasser, to the LMF, Middough has the right background to support many secondary refining needs.


For years, the Middough team has participated in caster maintenance programs, partial revamps, full blown strand replacements and new installations. With our subject matter experts in casting equipment and our multi-discipline engineering capabilities, Middough is well suited to take on any size casting project that the industry has to offer.

Shaping and Treating

The processes and equipment involved with the of shaping and treating of metals is often foreign to many, but at Middough, we are most familiar. With subject matter experts in reheat furnace technology, rolling mills, coating lines, trim lines and packaging, Middough has the right experience to develop viable engineered solutions to support equipment repairs, replacements and new installations.

Plant Utilities and Power

Middough has extensive experience in the power industry, with Utility-grade subject matter expertise in power transmission and distribution systems. Whether High, Medium, or Low Voltage, our team can provide Primary and Secondary substation design, protective relaying, motor control and distribution system design to support the demanding needs of the steel making and EAF process.  Our power team joined with our strong process piping experience can provide fully developed plant utility designs of nearly any size.

Water Treatment Plants

Middough has broad experience with the installation engineering required for water treatment systems. Our team of multi-discipline engineers and project managers work side by side with water treatment process and technology providers to take basic designs and make them reality

Fume Treatment Plants

Middough has been known for many years for our industrial ventilation and HVAC capabilities with noted projects and expert testimony on leaded steel fume capture. Our team of industrial ventilation experts and have provided practical fume exhaust system designs for facilities new and old. By using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and traditional engineering means, Middough supplies the knowledge and experience required to provide environmentally friendly solutions for any fume exhaust system.

Transportation and Plant Logistics

Free movement of material in, out, and around the facility is essential to efficient operations. Rail, truck, forklift, and vehicle traffic must be able to get from start to destination without delays. With expert experience in civil engineering, logistics, simulation, and timing studies, Middough can develop engineered solutions for any industrial plant layout. Designs include complete rail yard systems, cranes, conveyors, roadways, bridges and tunnels, as well as loading/unloading dock systems for barges, trucks, and rail.