Power Engineering and Design Services

From traditional Power Generation to Renewable Energy to Power Delivery, Middough works with clients on Power projects of all sizes and types for our industrial customers as well as public utilities.

The U.S. and global power industry is in a significant state of transformation. Communities, industry, government, and institutions are increasing their focus and accelerating the implementation of their goals for energy efficiency, decarbonization and environmental responsibility, reliability, and overall improved sustainability.

Since 1950, Middough has provided industrial power generation services to our clients. Through successful experiences for our company and clients, we have evolved into a project solutions company providing a full complement of project delivery skills and management, and the operational and technical subject matter expertise to respond to our client’s every need. From substation replacements and transmission line design, to renewable and cogeneration integration, to microgrid implementation, Middough continues to proactively invest in the necessary value-added tools and talent for successful capex investment.

Power Generation Project Services

Middough delivers on flexibility for the power industry. We provide full-service project and program solutions or we can build a hybrid execution team with our clients. Regardless of the composition, Middough provides a collaborative platform equipped with strong front-end planning, innovative design based on industry lessons learned, asset integrity survey and inspection services, and capex and opex financial feasibility tools. We couple that with a well-thought-out project or program execution plan supported by quality engineering and a full complement of major project services including cost estimating, procurement, construction management, commissioning and start-up. Greenfield, renovation or maintenance, we deliver a cost-efficient response built to the specific demands of the assignment.

Practice Areas

Middough offers a range of services to help our clients maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets and we customize our Energy services to meet your business and project goals.

Contact us about our expertise and industrial energy services that pay for themselves.

Transmission & Distribution

Energy, environmental, and security needs for the 21st century have accelerated public and private sector investments in utility grid modernization and smart grid technologies across the united states. Middough participates in reliability enhancement, renewable resource integration, and is investing in battery storage expertise to response to ongoing market demand.

Utility Scale Generation

The United States still powers more than 55% percent of our country with electricity generated from the fossil fuels of coal (20%) and natural gas (39%). The reliability of these units is critical to our national infrastructure. Middough understands the challenges of keeping generating units online in this period of energy transition to cleaner natural gas and other renewable fuels. 

Middough remains committed to helping our utility clients with safety and maintenance project solutions and staff augmentation for associated work, with a focus on plant retrofit and upgrades needed to maintain reliability and compliance.

Distributed Generation

At Middough we understand how to integrate distributed power generation along with heat and steam production to meet our clients’ needs. We can help establish project delivery approaches including finance and funding models. Middough has the staff and capability to integrate distributed generation with existing grid connection with standby power or dedicate primary power generation. We work with our clients to facilitate utility solutions and can integrate with existing facilities and optimize power usage and reliability to help our client’s bottom line.


Energy consumers, facility owners, campuses, and communities are actively considering microgrids as a solution for achieving resiliency, sustainability, and cost savings objectives. Microgrids offer potential values for averting power outages, shaving demand peaks, better management of local or on-site renewables and leveraging energy market pricing or governmental incentives. Intelligent software controls can switch between the utility grid and the microgrid’s distributed energy resources based on factors such as power reliability and cost efficiency. Middough provides the analysis, planning and design services for microgrids of all sizes and needs including off-grid rural electrification and energy management, campus or facility projects that provide resilient, sustainable and cost-effective power supply, and community level systems that boost economic development.

Renewables and Battery Storage

As clients pursue decarbonization and development of sustainable energy sources in the form of wind, solar and the associated energy storage to supplement baseload energy production, Middough can help analyze, engineer and manage solutions to help augment their independence from reliance solely on investor owned utilities.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the professional services provided for our recent large expansion project. The Planning and Programming services provided, gave the entire expansion team a full understanding of the scope of the project and the impact acrossthe entire manufacturing platform. These services were provided in the most professional manner and supported the project to be completed on time and under budget.
—A national electric utility company