Architectural Services

We understand that Architectural Form follows Operational Function. Facilities today require significant environmental, societal, and governmental considerations regardless of the industry. Middough understands the dynamics and will support you in meeting your goals. We know how to work with all client and jurisdictional entities, be it a corporation, an institution or government. 

As a Client you can expect experienced Planning & Design  capabilities from our team. We use our vast knowledge and technology to capture every aspect of your project. Our Laser scanning for Alteration Projects and 3D Modeling quickly set the stage to establish the scope of work. In a short amount of time we document the conceptual plan, craft a narrative explaining the project, and propose quality design and cost solutions with good, better and best in mind. 

Middough provides comprehensive architectural services. Whether we are sitting down with you in a design charette gathering information from project stakeholders, providing sustainability recommendations, or determining how a piece of equipment gets into the building, Middough is there to foster the decision making process. 

Typical architectural solutions include Feasibility Studies, Facility Renovation and Expansions, New Buildings, Hazardous Use and Occupancy Changes, Zoning Variances, Sustainability Planning, Clean Manufacturing, Lab Design, and Security alternatives. 

Middough’s architects are trained design professionals that work closely with engineering and construction counterparts. We follow our quality management system, MAPP™.



Design, Architecture & Engineering

Bid, Award, Procurement



Close Out


Our objective in the Concept phase is to work with you to understand the vision and goals of your project. Analysis of your project or program is a key focus in this stage to help answer “What are my options to achieve my project/program goals?”


Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents are developed with you following AIA methodology. We contemplate healthy building measures and energy efficiency through HVAC mechanical, electrical, plumbing, instrumentation and controls. Middough understands that meeting project schedule and designing a project within your budget is critical.  We adapt our design process to support   your needs.


In this phase of the project, Middough can take a leading or supporting role. In the bidding phase, we will organize the solicitations, provide advice on viability of vendors and contractors, perform labor surveys, and lead pre-bid meetings. We support you in addressing bidder RFIs as well as provide technical / cost bid evaluations. Our architects and engineers, schedulers, project controls, and procurement team align cost, contracts, and timing to keep your project on track.


Depending on the delivery method selected, Middough’s role during construction varies, but the value we provide remains the same. We endeavor to assure that the project is constructed to design intent. Our architects and engineers review and approve submittals, field RFIs, support field changes, monitor construction progress, conduct special inspections, and provide a key interface with our construction manager or your contractor to answer questions, verify materials and issue modifications if necessary.


In the Commissioning phase, Middough can coordinates all requisite project startup and commissioning tasks. Outputs of this effort ensure  that the construction effort has met fully the acceptance criteria for effective and safe facility startup operations. Commissioning ensures the construction meets design and operational expectations.


The close out and warranty phase finalizes all project activities and pulls together documentation of the project from start to finish. We will assess the project, ensure completion technically and financially, derive lessons learned to apply to future projects, prepare record documents from construction, and capture warranties for all installed and constructed items.



  • Site Master Planning 
  • Support FEED, FEL and Cost Estimate 
  • Complete Services
    • Programming 
    • Schematic Design 
    • Design Development 
    • Construction Documents 
    • Bidding & Negotiation 
    • Construction Admin Services – RFIs & Shop Drawings
  • Specialty Services
    • Hazard & Code Analysis 
    • Building Envelope Analysis 
    • Damage Limiting Construction Design 
    • Healthy Building Design 
    • Lab Planning 
    • Cleanroom Design 
    • Door Hardware selection 
    • Equipment Upgrade Planning 
    • Protective Coating Application 
    • High Performance Resinous Floor Application 
    • Clean Detailing


  • Compliance
    • Code- IBC, IECC, ADA 
    • Underwriting- FMG, UL 
    • Sustainability- LEED, BREAM 
    • Regulatory- cGMP, cGLP, FDA, USDA, ISPE