No. 4 BOF Gas Cleaning System | Project profile

About the client    

The client for this project is one of the world's leading steel and mining companies.

Scope of project    

Middough managed the conversion and replacement of the gas scrubber system for the No. 4 Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) shop with the goal of improving efficiency and environmental compliance. 

Services provided by Middough    

Our team provided engineering services required from conceptual process modeling of the gas and water side of the scrubber system through installation design.

Results delivered to client    

There were several challenges that Middough had to overcome on the project. To avoid regulatory fines, the project was fast tracked to be operational within 15 months of project initiation. Additionally, the plant had to stay operational during construction and had to be installed in parallel with the existing system on an extremely tight site.

This $44 million TIC project was a success, with the system conversion occurring on schedule per the environmental regulation constraints. Additionally, the compliance testing yielded excellent results which exceeded client expectations and today stands as the model system for the corporation.