Asset Integrity Management

Ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your capital investments in equipment, technology, and other machinery is a critical component to your business’ success. Middough’s expertise in Asset Integrity Management is effectively implemented at any stage of your asset’s life cycle. Our engineers work with you to balance the design implemented, maintenance and the longevity of your assets.

The long-term stability of power plants, oil rigs, refineries and other systems rely on Asset Integrity Management to protect the ability to perform efficiently and effectively. Cost and time are major factors in replacing the infrastructure of assets as they approach the end of their life cycle and become outdated. Middough’s Asset Integrity Management services can be utilized at any part of your asset’s life cycle to work to improve reliability, while assisting in recommendations to best allocate  maintenance efforts and repair costs.

Middough’s engineers look to provide solutions that add value to your projects and business or organization. Our team is trained in Asset Integrity Management to identify areas to improve efficiency and reliability, reduce costs, and ensure your assets and processes are meeting safety standards. Our team has decades of successful experience evaluating and implementing projects and systems across all industries.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Inspections

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) complement Middough’s engineering, inspection and data acquisition services for safe, efficient, accurate, reliable, and cost-effective data collection solutions. 

Deploying UAS can greatly reduce safety challenges faced while inspecting difficult-to-access structures and assets such as boilers, cooling towers, ductwork, flare stacks, pipe racks, pipes and insulation, process ponds, solar panels, substations, utility lines, tanks, vessels and so much more.

Middough specializes in the use of UAS and sensors to collect data for the following applications: 

  • Heavy lift, midsized, compact & confined space UAS
  • State-of-the-art sensors
  • DSLR/Mirrorless High MP RGB
  • Radiometric Thermal
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)
  • Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Corona
  • Methane

Benefits of Drone Inspection Services    

  • Increase safety & efficiency
  • Collect actionable data while decreasing risks to personnel
  • Decrease cost of data collection
  • Eliminates confined space entries & working at heights, keeping boots on the ground
  • Reduce/eliminate unnecessary scaffold and manlift expenses
  • Focus time and money only on areas needing hands-on inspection or repair
  • Live stream UAS data to offset subject matter expert
  • Provides additional data capture techniques not offered by traditional methods
  • No preparation or movement of materials/equipment necessary

Middough personnel are certified, trained and qualified to safely operate FAA registered drones and have completed thousands of flights in the utility, heavy industrial, production and manufacturing sectors.

Drone inspection services from Middough delivery a more efficient, cost effective and safer inspection process while continuing operations as normal.

The topography, volumetric, and LiDAR capabilities allow a drone to gather the geo-coordinates of an area to quickly and efficiently for input into modeling software to further expedite a timeline for an information transition. These abilities of a UAS allow an owner to abide by EPA and other regulatory industries with the data available for project planning when needed.

Middough’s survey grade, ground based, 3D Laser Scanning Services can be utilized when accuracy of the highest detail is required for your project.


  • Outdoor & indoor detailed visual & thermal inspections
  • Photogrammetry
  • Volumetrics
  • 3D Modeling
  • Surveying
  • Mapping
  • Optical gas & corona inspections
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Turnaround (TAR) Support
  • Thermography
  • Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR)
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) 
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Fall protection and safety systems design
  • Compliance assessments
  • Surveying
  • Industrial safety
  • Equipment guarding and unsafe access
  • Confined space entry
  • Consumer safety


For decades, Middough has provided inspection, design and construction monitoring services of heavy industrial structures, equipment and commercial buildings at power plants, manufacturers, refineries, metals processing facilities and mines.

Our team utilizes non-destructive testing methods including visual inspection and ultrasonic thickness testing. Typical inspections include: coke oven batteries, crane runways, vehicular bridges, conveyors, galleries, blast furnaces, rotary car dumpers, storage bins and tanks, pressure vessels, roofs and various other equipment and structures. Numerous clients commission Middough to perform yearly inspections of their facilities and key equipment.

Professional Services

Middough inspectors are trained in assessing for compliance with governmental requirements or labor safety agreements. They follow rigorous safety training while performing services that have resulted in outstanding safety records.

  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety and Health
  • OSHA 1910 40 Hour HAZWOPER
  • MSHA, Above and Below Ground Safety
  • MSHA, Parts 46 and 48, Surface and Deep Mine Work

Assets Services

    • Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

    • Cranes
    • Runways
    • Flare Stacks
    • Tanks & Containments
    • Pipe Racks, Pipes & Insulation
    • Boilers & Gas Handling
    • Coker Derricks
    • Turnaround Support
    • Blast Furnaces
    • Conveyors & Galleries
    • Stacks and support structures 
    • Buildings and roofs
    • Tanks and containment dikes
    • Piping and ductwork
    • Bridges, roadways and trackage
    • Cranes and runways
    • Machinery and gearing
    • Concrete and steel