Commissioning & Start-up

The most critical points to your project success, where all the hard work comes together, is during commissioning and turnover of the project. Careful planning with thorough review of design and construction elements are crucial to identifying issues before they arise to reduce risk allow you to maximize your capital investment in projects are all advantages of Middough’s Commissioning & Start-Up services. Our team brings the experience and expertise needed to design energy efficient and safe facilities, install, test, and evaluate equipment to identify and correct issues, and improve efficiency to ensure the overall quality to every type of project.

Project Commissioning Checklist

Based on proven experience, our staff takes the time to meet with you to understand the project and specific goals and objectives, and creates a checklist based on that. Collecting all the data and information allows us to evaluate and prepare to handle every step of the project and establish processes to reduce risk. 

Trust Middough’s trained staff to handle Commissioning & Start Up for your projects whether it is for a facility, process or equipment install. Our engineers are experienced at finding ways to add value to your projects and all your capital investments. Handling the components of your project for design, testing, and evaluating systems allows us to find areas to add value, assess and mitigate risks and improve your investments to ensure they perform and help you recover costs.