Consulting & Planning Services

Middough has proven that successful engineering, architecture, procurement, and construction management comes from using experienced committed and technically competent personnel, proven procedures, appropriate supervision, and technical direction.

Project Consulting Services

Our team has the experience necessary to provide consulting for all types of projects and to aid in solving all types of challenges. From equipment integration and manufacturing workflow considerations for a new facility to plantwide structural assessments, power studies and relief valve programs, Middough provides seasoned talent to help clients optimize their operations. 

We share insight learned from decades of experience and apply them to problem analysis, concept development and evaluation, engineering and design, constructability and risk analysis, schedule and cost estimating.

Bringing in Middough to consult on your projects provides your organization with independent resources designed to aid you in analyzing and overcoming complex challenges to supplement your organization’s staffing limitations or expertise, and to help deliver your planned return on investment. 

With deep experience in multiple areas of expertise, clients continue and to trust Middough for Consulting Services for projects in all the industries we serve. 

Project Planning Services

The planning phase is critical to the success of project execution, including the development of the project schedule. Our tools and experience ensure that all the steps of your project are understood clearly by everyone involved and are deliverable on deadline. Confirming the scope by budgeting and forecasting allows us to help you with long term capital planning in major project investments strategically.


Middough’s Quality Management System is comprised of Middough Advanced Project Procedures (MAPP). MAPP provides the procedures and tools to successfully plan and execute work on your projects. 

  • We leverage MAPP’s facilitated interactive planning process (APM2) to develop a comprehensive project plan and baseline schedules that:
  • Confirms scope, schedule, and budget expectations
  • Aligns Middough and Client stakeholders and promotes buy-in
  • Begins with the end in mind, typically with release for production
  • Identifies key milestones and critical activities, including permitting
  • Allows stakeholders to understand the impact of their work on the project
  • Allows documentation of schedule related assumptions and clarifications
  • Allows early identification of risks and opportunities
  • Includes procurement planning, especially of long lead equipment
  • Identifies the Project Delivery Method and Contract Strategy

Capital Expenditure Planning

Capital Allocation is a senior management team’s most fundamental responsibility. The objective of capital allocation is to build long-term value. Executives create long-term value for their companies by investing capital (CapEx) in projects that generate future cash flows at rates to return that exceed the enterprise’s cost of capital. 

The “New Normal” of the COVID-19 pandemic has created huge challenges for managing your company’s capital project portfolio, including:

  • High Levels of Uncertainty have raised the stakes for optimizing capital allocation decisions.
  • Limitations of Existing Tools & Methodologies can lead to sub-optimal capital allocation decisions that destroy shareholder value.
  • Agility & Flexibility in project design and execution have become mission critical to unlock value during the project’s entire lifecycle.

How Middough Can Help

As your strategic partner, Middough leverages the latest technologies and methodologies to optimize your CapEx and OpEx investments throughout the entire lifecycle of your projects.