Landfill Gas 10 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Facility | Project profile

About the client

This client is the Department of Public Utilities in a city in the Midwestern state in the United States.  

Scope of project

The city’s Department of Public Utilities, Division of Water Reclamation developed a green energy landfill methane gas cogeneration facility at its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP.)

Services provided by Middough

Middough provided complete engineering and design services, as well as construction administration and construction management for the electrical power cogeneration system and related facilities.

Results delivered to client

This project provides substantial economic, environmental and reliability benefits to the large midwestern city. The city’s Sanitary Landfill biogas and digester bio gas generated at the WWTP fuels the cogeneration facility to provide primary power for the WWTP and other city facilities.