ASU & Backup System Project | Project profile

About the client    

One of the largest industrial gas companies that serves customers in the healthcare, petroleum, refining, manufacturing, food, steel-making and chemicals industry was Middough’s client for this project.

Scope of project

The project scope includes the piping, structural, electrical, instrumentation, roadways, and controls for the associated process and utilities. All new utility connections, as existing utility lines are inadequate for the requirements of the new Spectra 30K.

One of the OSBL backup system design challenges in addition to its Zero interruption in Nitrogen supply, is that it must be capable of accommodating two future Spectra 30K plants and their associated backup system growth.

Services provided by Middough    

Middough was responsible for the design of the entire backup system (OSBL) including utilities (water, sewer, natural gas, etc.), storage, trailer loading systems, Offices and the foundations, electrical supply, and tie ins for the ISBL. Middough’s scope also includes the entire project construction management and project controls. 

Middough responsibility included the Management of Change (MOC) tracking and the coordination of all the site activities and overall management including plant checkout, commissioning, startup and performance testing.

Results delivered to client    

The client’s existing Spectra 10K and Spectra 15K plants will be expanded by this project, which will be the OSBL/Backup System design for three additional Spectra 30K nitrogen generator, with ultra-high purity liquid Oxygen

This elaborate and expandable back-up systems guarantee uninterrupted supply of Nitrogen to the client.