Refinery Water Re-Use | Project Profile

About the client

Middough’s client for this project is a global integrated energy company.

Scope of project

This project consisted of a 3500 GPM water treatment system using reverse osmosis and water softeners to remove selenium and dissolve solids in order to permit reuse of the wastewater stream - minimizing disposal or discharges, as well as water consumption. Our client's goal was to reduce wastewater discharges and water use, in order to reduce the refinery environmental impact on surrounding watershed.

Services provided by Middough

Middough worked closely with the client to to identify the contaminates within the waste stream and their unique properties. With this understanding, Middough helped develop the process solution, identified technical challenges, and sourced commercially available technology. 

Results delivered to client

  • Several million dollars per year savings by reducing river water make-up and discharge;
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance costs by eliminating biological contaminates, thus extending filter media life;
  • Increased percent of recycled water, reducing the quantity of deep well injection water; and
  • Repurposed existing equipment and systems to save on initial capital costs.