Carbon Capture | Project Profile

About the client    

Middough's client is an industrial gases and global engineering company.

Scope of project    

Installation of a Post Combustion Capture (PCC) unit at a coal-fired power plant. This is an amine-based process to capture CO2 from industrial flue gases. This project will be the first demonstration of this technology at a commercially relevant scale of nominally 220 TPD of CO2 captured.

Services provided by Middough    

Middough provided detailed ISBL design to the proprietary system owner that leveraged their capabilities and experience to deliver the complete carbon capture technology value chain, from solvent production to full-scale carbon capture plant ECP, with commercial deployment and long-term, continuous operations capabilities.

Results delivered to client    

A substantial decrease in sulfur dioxide emissions (up to 90%) from operation of the capture facility would occur. The sulfur dioxide content of the treated exhaust gas would be less than 0.1lb/hr. CO2 captured will be varied up to 20 mole percent.