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Greener Concrete | Project Profile


Middough’s clients for this project includes a concrete and bulk material supplier, as well as an integrated metals producer as the end user.

Scope of project

Middough was the designer and equipment integrator for a slag granulation facility for a steel manufacturing blast furnace to achieve a direct source of fine granulated slag.

Services provided by Middough

Middough experts delivered a new slag granulation system that generates a material that concrete suppliers can use for their mix, and that reduces CO2 Emissions release and energy usage from generating portland cement, consumes process water, reduces transportation, and less energy for refining granulated slag.

  • Slag pit wall modifications and sheet pile enclosure/foundations at each granulator
  • Dewatering drum foundation and elevated concrete support structure
  • Pipe bridges between granulators and to the dewatering drum
  • 90,000-galllon water storage basin
  • Conveyor foundations and granulated material storage pad
  • Casthouse roof trusses reinforcement and 11’-6” diameter x 190’ tall stack
  • New water supply taps and feeds, supply and discharge basalt piping, emergency water supply piping, utility water and equipment compressed air 
  • Installation of booster pump, slurry pumps, granulation pump, drain pumps, and water storage basin pumps
  • Electrical feeds from existing substation to new MCC and office building
  • Grounding, lighting, welding outlets, duplex outlets, heat trace, and fiber optics
  • Cable & conduit schedules

Results delivered to client

70%  reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and 10% reduction of wastewater treatment.

Green Value Delivered:

  • Greatly reduces trucking of waste slag to a disposal location
  • Consumes used process water
  • Slag does not need to come from a quarry like portland cement that is produced from limestone
  • There is less energy involved in refining granulated slag into cement than compared to processing portland cement
  • Concrete utilizing slag cement produce less heat from hydration, thus reducing other requirements for mass pours
  • Slag cement releases less CO2 emissions during curing since it is already calcified during iron making in the furnace
  • Slag cement has the ability to lighten the conrete color when desired in architectural applications reducing the need for other finishing products