Ethanol Plant | Project profile

About the client    

Middough’s client for this project is a privately held global food corporation is a leading global producer and distributor of food products in America.

Scope of project    

The company was building a 110,000 gallon per year ethanol production facility. Work included drawings and specifications for subcontract work packages to build the facility.

Services provided by Middough    

Middough was selected to perform preliminary engineering and detailed design services for a more than 110,000,000 gallon per year ethanol production facility. Technical areas of work included fermentation, distillation, dehydration, storage, and utility systems. The preliminary engineering scope included the design documents necessary to define the work to a level of detail necessary to develop a +/-10 percent cost estimate that was used by the food distributor and producer to manage the project cost.

Results delivered to client    

Deliverables included full process Piping and Instrument Diagram (P&D’s), facility layout prepared in 3D AutoPLANT® and major equipment specification. The detailed design scope included final development of the facility 3D model, which was used to develop structural and piping bid package documentation. The existing utility building was expanded to accommodate the addition of a new steep water storage and sterilization train, as well as additional clean-in-place systems. The new process equipment addition is enclosed by a metal framed and sided structure.