Phenol Recovery Column | Project profile

Haverhill, OH

About the client    

Middough’s client for this project produces a broad range of chemicals in technology advanced operations including phenol, acetone, bisphenol and alpha methylstyrene at a 600+ acre site with a workforce of approximately 160 employees.

Scope of project

The client teamed with Middough to relocate an existing plant distillation column to the Phenol 2 area to recover Phenol from existing waste stream. The project included new foundations, structural steel, pumps, exchangers, piping, power and instrumentation. The project was completed in three phases. The first phase required evaluating the existing column to meet the process requirements and development of a flow diagram. Phase II involved a FEL 3 engineering and design effort to develop a ±15 percent project estimate. Phase III was detailed engineering and design.

Services provided by Middough    

Middough provided installation drawings for foundations, structural steel, piping, electrical, and instrumentation. Middough provided revised PID’s for the tie-ins, as well as new PID’s for the new tower and associated equipment. Middough developed equipment specifications, obtained bids, evaluated the bids and made recommendations for purchase. The team utilized laser scanning to document the existing facilities and developed a 3D model for the new installation superimposed on the scanned backgrounds.

Results delivered to client    

The combination of laser scanning and modeling provided an overall construction product that had less than four percent FCO’s.