Engineers Week 2022 - Celebrating our Engineers

In honor of Engineers Week we want to tell the world what engineers do! Middough celebrates our engineers by having them share their stories about how they make a difference. We are proud to recognize and celebrate some of our most talented engineers and learn about their passion for engineering, as well as why they chose engineering as their career.

Micah Karns

Discipline Manager - Instrumentation & Controls

Experience | 19 years

What I like best about engineering is that I can make a difference by creating safe solutions. My grandfather was a refinery worker for his entire career. In 1995, he nearly lost his life to a massive explosion. Four others there with him were not so fortunate. He always talked about how this and other accidents could be avoided. I find it fulfilling that I'm now working in a field where I am solving these issues - developing safe and functional facilities that operate at a level my grandfather would have only dreamed of.

John Sweeney, P.E.

Electrical Discipline Manager

Experience | 29 years

My interest in the engineering field was inspired by my enthusiasm for science and math. My first electrical design assignment as a Co-op stands out as my favorite memory within my engineering career. It was for a new fan in the co-ops print room. While they had new ink jet printers, they made heavy use of the old blue print machines. This technology used ammonia and required good ventilation. While I failed miserably on my first pass, I learned an awful lot about the design process... and how NOT to design a motor circuit.

Adin Mann, PhD

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Experience | 38 years

I was inspired to start my career in engineering because of my interest in science, mathematics, creativity, imagination, and solving problems. My favorite memory in my engineering career was in a Joint Industry Project that spanned 5 years. I have been working with tremendously talented and creative engineers throughout the world on a topic that can increase safety and reduce cost of critical infrastructure. The technical work and collaboration has been exciting and I am privileged that I am able to work on projects with engineers who span the globe.

Robert Smering, P.E., PMP

Senior Project Director

Experience | 47 years

My favorite memory in my engineering career was receiving an Innovation Award for engineering work done with the storage and handling of high purity high strength hydrogen peroxide. I reimagined the possible when I engineered a storage and handling system to treat hydrogen sulfide gas generated by the lava from the Mt. Kīlauea eruption.

Kent Flanery, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

Experience | 43 years

I reimagined the possible when I had an idea to create a new form of cleaner fuel from coal fines, biomass and recycled materials. I told a friend about it over lunch and then we decided to become partners. Two months later, I quit my job, and founded a new company based on this idea. My partner and I spun it up, patented the idea and proved it worked before selling the firm a few years later.

Mark Heimovitz, P.E.

Senior Process Engineer

Experience | 10+ years

A time I had to reimagine the possible was during a particular batch process with a very high profit margin that was made with doses of black magic and urban legends. As a result, both quality and time cycle were unpredictable and out of statistical control. Over the course of 3 years, our team was able to use engineering principles and problem solving to build knowledge. Batches now consistently meet quality standards, and time cycle was reduced by 25%. This allows the company to sell more product without investing capital. I think this is just one way engineers at Middough make a difference – using teamwork, expertise, and the company's efficient project process to implement cutting-edge technologies that solve the dire problems of this era.

Wade Conn

Mechanical Engineer

Experience | 3+ years

I began my engineering career because of my fascination with the oil and gas industry. My fascination led me to Middough Inc. where I believe our engineers make a difference by bringing an alternate perspective to the discussion that can often lead to a better understanding of the problem or task at hand. Communication and teamwork is key!

Bradley Soster


Experience | 22 years

I was inspired to become an engineer because of my step-father and my passion for math which is one of his favorite things about working in engineering. I believe that engineers at Middough Inc. make a difference at Middough by giving a project their all and working as hard as they can to do it right!

Michael Hillery

Business Development Director

Experience | 35 years

I love working in engineering because I always get to solve new challenges that arise. I think engineers from Middough make a difference because of our excellent technical engineers with top shelf interpersonal and communication skills.

Ronald Cuculic, P.E.

Senior Electrical Engineer

Experience | 40 years

What I enjoy most about engineering is providing power and control to energize customer facilities. I think engineers at Middough make a difference by providing solutions to customer needs and concerns. Our quality and checking system assure the result is safe, meets applicable codes and has the desired result.

Steve Bogaert, P.E.

Senior Quality Manager

Experience | 37+ years

My favorite memory of my engineering career so far was bringing a pharmaceutical facility online that I Project Managed. The drug was the first of its kind and served patients that had no other options for their care. Engineers from Middough make an impact by adding value for our clients and positively impacting our society.

Thomas Paprocki, P.E.

Instrumentation & Controls Staff Engineer

Experience | 49+ years

One time I reimagined the possible by working on a project at a Plant Process computer system upgrade at a Wisconsin nuclear plant that was a multi discipline / multi company project. It was well planned and coordinated with the plant's Operating and Maintenance departments. The installation was successfully completed in a two week window that Operations provided. I participated in the design and on-site support during installation.

Wesley McCurdy, EIT

Mechanical Engineer

Experience | 1 year

What inspired me to start a career in engineering was my interest in machines and how different parts interact to complete a task. The thing I enjoy the most about working in the engineering field is the variety of projects I can work on and the people I meet through them.

Scott Feeney

Senior Engineer

Experience | 17 years

A time I reimagined the possible was when I was working on a large bore pipe (30") at a client's site to supply hot air to a regen tower. Following the clients engineering practices we were able to add the (2) additional relief valves and install the new non return valve with out disturbing the existing electrical. This saved out client a lot of additional cost; otherwise the road crossing would of had to be re-done disconnecting many instruments and light and control panels. While new is nice to see and modernization is helpful at what cost to our client does this come? I think engineers make a difference at Middough by working as a team helping and sharing information to make every project the best it can be.

Michael Enders, P.E.

E/I&C Department Supervisor

Experience | 37 years

My favorite memory within my engineering career was when I walked into a large hangar as a young engineer and saw a full-size model of a new airplane for the US Navy. This plane was so different from any other plane I had ever seen. Seeing the plane gave me a better understanding of my design work and how my part of the project meshed with the rest of the project.