National Safe and Sound Week 2021 - Middough EHS Excellence Program

August 10, 2021

In recognition of our growth, we have built a culture of Environmental, Health, and Safety through our EHS Excellence program titled “Safe by Choice.” 

Through implementation of the program, we will continue to refresh our awareness, enhance our communications and skills, and train our staff to collectively embrace EHS in all we do. 

Middough has collected new data through the recording of “leading indicators,” developed new company and regional reports, and is recognizing progress through published key performance indicators. This entire program, process, and progress is aiding our ability to plan and manage risk and help sustain the growth of our business. 

Program Components

1. EHS Excellence Commitment. Middough’s EHS policy statement developed by our EHS leadership team and signed by our top executive. 

2. Definition of EHS at Middough. Over the course of the last 30 years, the global importance and awareness of Safety has also been expanded to include the need for responsible behavior pertaining to the Environment and greater focus on personal Health. At Middough, EHS is our culture. We are good stewards of our Environment, promote Health and proactive preventative healthcare, and we plan, design, engineer, procure, and manage our projects with safety in mind. 

3. An active EHS Leadership Team comprised of executives and EHS Champions in each office. Middough has assembled a company-wide team including Middough executives and an EHS Champion in each office as advocates of EHS to help build awareness, improve our culture and implement the Safe by Choice excellence program. 

4. Continuous improvement of EHS documentation and communications. Middough maintains statistical data and publishes internal Monthly EHS Performance Updates reflecting our progress on our current key performance indicators for both the region and the overall company. 

5. Implementation of our “leading indicator focused” safety observation program (SOP). Our SOP encourages proactive recognition and reporting of unsafe actions or conditions in advance of them potentially leading to incident or injury and allows recognition of positive EHS behavior. 

6. Continuous improvement through training. Middough has further developed our training program and is more thoroughly managing and recording the EHS training of our employees. 

7. Safety by Design. Safety by Design improves worker safety, productivity, and quality during construction and contributes to the safety and reliability of the operations and maintenance of the completed design. We believe that by designing for EHS we can contribute to reducing unwanted incidents during construction, operation, and maintenance. 

8. COVID-19. Our approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic is in line with the CDC guidelines. We are successfully working from home or at client sites with support from our offices.